---Bout Me---

Name:Jasdeep Sidhu
Nicknames:Jazz, Jaz, Jas, Jass, Jazzy, Jazy, Jassy, Jasy, Baka, Gaki, Akira, Aki, Yami Akira, Daisetsu, Pilot of Gundam Hellfire, Heavens Demon Slayer, James, Argonia, Fire Knight, Pitch Fork Bearing Farmer With Beer Belly, Maniac Guy With a Bulldoser, Silent Guy, Rich Punjabi Kid, Strong and not Silent Type, Art Guy, Artistic Dude, Calm Person, Advice Giver, Manga Man, Anime Guru, Wise Man.
Brother/Sister(s):Ruby Sidhu
Boredom Level:Medium
Likes: To be Hyper, To Work on m Site, To sleep, To read Anime Fanfics
Doesent Like: Headaches, Stalkers, People who wont get off my Case, Being Bored
Power: Shoot ice beams from my hands ^_^ isnt that pleasent??
Weakness: My friends, My family
Strengths: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Website:Jazzys Collective
Weapon: 3 Pronged Spear

The Layout was made by me although the Images here are not. The information and Images were found by me. Images and Info Copyright to their Respected Owners. I am making no Profit from this Site it is Simply to put togather a bunch of Mana stuff =^.^=

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